mardi 7 octobre 2014

Morito of stars

The inner wall of the dome Lost Canvas, protect people from Mamiya stars Temple of Doom that imitates the planet are connected by a spiral staircase exists and swore allegiance absolute Hades is located. Or equal to the three macrocephaly, its ability to Mei militants us more.

Tensakigake star (heaven open) Mephistopheles (mystic)
Trick: Marvelous Room, rewind bio, Real Marvelous
Protectors of the (Mercury) Mamiya-Mercury first. 32-year-old. Zip Tenma Tenma in the constellation of Asian man yelling in a suit and top hat. It sparked the confusion behind the scenes behind the scenes of holy war. Brother of the primordial god Chronos time, its identity is primordial god Kairos tic. It was intended that the expunged the presence from history by the hand of Kronos, and revenge to the gods and brother by using the Tenma.

It is a man of the atrocity that flirting also life and life son and wife, many human if for the purposes of his own, but regret was also leaked and apparently had also felt happiness Nari he have time to spend as a family with his wife .

Rene TenEi star (Tenei Static) Ballon
Trick: Reincarnation of Peter Proud
Protectors of Mamiya-Venus (Venus) of the second. I have summarized in this history of all human beings along with the maid our black mourning at the Temple of Doom, which itself is the patron along with the completion of the lost canvas. There is an acquaintance and Zion.

Heaven (electrostatic outlook) bright fire Benuu (Kagaho)
Voice - Fukuyama Jun
Trick: Corona blast, classifier link, Rising Darkness
Protectors of (Terra) Mamiya-Earth third. 18 years old. Born on August 12. In the ability of the owner to Gosuru golden Saint, I boast the speed of the fastest in all Meitoshi.

Heaven (electrostatic stippling) Valentine of Harpy
Technique: Suite Chocolat over te
Protectors of (Jupiter) Jupiter Mamiya-fifth. Serve to Rhadamanthys from before you wake up as Ma-boshi, you are holding a loyalty to Rhadamanthys to Hades or more.

Partita Muhoshi of (asexual) Oulu
Protectors of Mamiya-Uranus in the seventh. Biological mother of Tenma. Has been dropped his life in order to protect the Tenma. 22-year-old died. I fight Tenma resurrection as a subordinate of Hades after death. Its identity use of war goddess Athena that continues to serve since the age of myth.
Original purpose is to encourage the awakening of Tenma, had played a villain as Meitoshi for that. And witnessing the growth of Tenma, as a mother, to disappear in the arms of his son happy as use of Athena.

It is a form that is available for a husband, but how was carrying also affection as a wife and hug him gently that has been sealed after. I was smiling expression that Yasurai when also 杳馬, and confessed the regret for that you have to die for her, it was nestled in her chest.